How do I use the Zoom app with BoardSite?

The Zoom app within BoardSite allows you to automatically create and link Zoom meetings with your meetings. The easiest way to get started is when creating a new meeting.

Ensure you have installed the Zoom app first. To quickly check, go to Organization > Integrations and look for the Zoom listing. If it says “Installed” then you are good to proceed, otherwise follow the directions to install the Zoom app.

Create a new Zoom Meeting when creating a new BoardSite event:

  1. Click Meetings > Upcoming Meetings and click the Add Event button.
  2. For Location Type, select “Virtual.”
  3. You will see now see an option “Do you want to create a Zoom meeting automatically?“. Select “Yes.”
  4. Enter the rest of your meeting details and click “Create.”
  5. You will now have a Zoom meeting automatically setup and linked to your BoardSite meeting.

Edit/Update an existing BoardSite meeting and linked Zoom Meeting:

  1. Click Meetings > Upcoming Meetings and select the meeting you wish to edit.
  2. Click the “Edit Meeting” button.
  3. If your Location Type is not set to Virtual, change it to Virtual and look for the “Do you want to create a Zoom meeting automatically?” option. Select “Yes” if you’d like to create a new Zoom meeting and link to your BoardSite event.
  4. Otherwise, you can update any of the event details and the corresponding Zoom event will be automatically updated as well.